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Golden star
hurtownia tkanin

We started with a textile wholesaler, however the grayness of the Polish street and the beauty of the materials we offer forced us to take radical action in the Polish women’s clothing sector through original designs, a rich color palette and a huge variety of fabrics (over 2000 designs).

We try to change the world for the better by showing Polish clothing in all its glory on individual models and designs, which will definitely contribute to the increase of export and promotion of the GoldenStar brand.

Our ambition is to disseminate both the beauty of materials and unique collections of women’s clothes.

A line of clothes that we have designed under the GoldenStar brand, which has gained recognition on the Polish and foreign markets.

This success prompted us to look for new directions of export development.
Golden Age GCG Sp z o.o. designs and manufactures elegant women’s clothing under the brand name based on our own fabrics.

Clothes are distinguished by a unique design of the form, as well as fabrics suitably adapted to the silhouette, age and cut.

We would like to promote our own brand of products on promising markets (Russia, USA) and promotion of the Polish Economy Brand.

That is why we have decided to participate in such prestigious fair events in the world as: WWDMAGIC in LAS VEGAS (USA), FASHION MARKET in LOS ANGELES (USA), PREMIERE VISION NEW YORK (USA), CPM MOSCOW (RUSSIA), TEXTILLEGROM MOSCOW ( RUSSIA).

All the above activities will contribute to the increase of export activity, and thus strengthening our position on international markets and increasing export.

We want our GoldenStar brand brand to be recognized on foreign markets, the popularization of which will contribute to the promotion of the Polish economy, and through participation in the industry promotion program for the MODA POLSKA sector, the implementation of the project launched by us will result in the development of the POLISH ECONOMY BRAND.

We are not afraid of challenges, which is why we undertake actions to meet even the most demanding expectations of our recipients.


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Hurtownia Tkanin
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